Jumat, 17 Mei 2019

Contoh Pidato Singkat Bahasa Inggris Tentang Dampak Buruk Teknologi Kekinian

Pidato adalah sebuah kegiatan berbicara di depan umum atau berorasi untuk menyatakan pendapatnya, atau memberikan gambaran tentang suatu hal. Pidato biasanya dibawakan oleh seorang yang memberikan orasi-orasi dan pernyataan tentang suatu hal/peristiwa yang penting dan patut diperbincangkan. Pidato merupakan salah satu teori dari pelajaran bahasa indonesia.Pidato biasanya digunakan oleh seorang pemimpin untuk memimpin dan berorasi di depan banyak anak buahnya atau khalayak ramai.

Teks Naskah Pidato. Berpidato merupakan salah satu wujud kegiatan berbahasa lisan. Oleh sebab itu, berpidato memerlukan dan mementingkan ekspresi gagasan dan penalaran dengan menggunakan bahasa lisan yang didukung oleh aspek nonbahasa, seperti ekspresi wajah, kontak pandang, dan intonasi suara.

PENGERTIAN PIDATO,KHOTBAH, DAN SAMBUTAN. Pidato adalah suatu ucapan dengan susunan yang baik untuk disampaikan kepada orang banyak. Contoh pidato yaitu seperti pidato kenegaraan, pidato menyambut hari besar, pidato pembangkit semangat, pidato sambutan acara atau event, dan lain sebagainya. 

Fungsi pidato
  • Mempermudah komunikasi antar atasan dan bawahan.
  • Mempermudah komunikasi antar sesama anggota organisasi.
  • Menciptakan suatu keadaan yang kondusif di mana hanya perlu 1 orang saja yang melakukan orasi/pidato tersebut.
  • mempermudah komunikasi.

Pidato yang baik dapat memberikan suatu kesan positif bagi orang-orang yang mendengar pidato tersebut. Kemampuan berpidato atau berbicara yang baik di depan umum dapat membantu untuk mencapai jenjang karier yang baik. Contoh pidato yaitu seperti pidato kenegaraan, pidato menyambut hari besar, pidato pembangkit semangat, pidato sambutan acara atau event, dan lain sebagainya. Dalam berpidato, penampilan, gaya bahasa, dan ekspresi kita hendaknya diperhatikan serta kita harus percaya diri menyampaikan isi dari pidato kita, agar orang yang melihat pidato kita pun tertarik dan terpengaruh oleh pidato yang kita sampaikan.

Baca Juga:

Praktik pidato
  • Biasanya dipraktikkan oleh pemimpin organisasi kepada anak buah organisasinya
  • Dipraktikkan oleh pemimpin atau pejabat negara guna mempermudah adanya komunikasi sehingga terciptanya keadaan yang demokratis
  • Dipraktikkan untuk menenangkan massa / khalayak ramai
  • Biasanya seorang pemimpin atau orang yang berpengaruh diwajibkan untuk menguasai teori pidato

Contoh pidato
  • Pidato kenegaraan
  • Pidato wisuda
  • Pidato kepemimpinan
  • Pidato keagamaan
  • Orasi
  • pidato singkat
Memang harus kita akui, kemampuan berpidato sangatlah tidak mudah dipelajari, kita butuh berbagai teori yang memadai, tidak hanya itu, kita juga dituntut untuk latihan secara konsisten sehingga nanti kita bisa menyampaikan pidato dengan lebih baik lagi. Oleh karena itu, kami sengaja mengumpulkannya dengan harapan para sahabat bisa lebih mudah dan praktis dalam mempelajari teori dan contoh pidato.Banyak sekali contoh Pidato dari pidato bahasa inggris , pidato tentang narkoba,pidato bahasa indonesia,pidato kemerdekaan, pidato tentang kebersihan, pidato jokowi, pidato perpisahan, pidato Tentang Guru,pidato agama islam,pidato globalisasi dan contoh pidato agama,contoh pidato tentang disiplin,contoh pidato tentang lingkungan, contoh pidato narkoba, contoh pidato yang menarik dan tidak membosankan, contoh pidato yang menarik perhatian, contoh pidato perpisahan, contoh pidato persuasif ,Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris , Contoh Pidato Bahasa Jawa , Contoh Pidato Bahasa Arab, Kumpulan Pidato , Koleksi Pidato Terbaru Lainnya.

Contoh Pidato

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
First of all I would like to thank The Almighty for His never-ending blessings so we can conduct another flag ceremony today. Good morning to the honored Head Master, fellow teachers, school administration staffs, and my students. Today, August 10th 2018 marks the National Technology Revival Day. Therefore my speech today will contains some information which related to technology. Technology becomes the most eminent factor in today’s world. People cannot be separated from technology because it makes the people’s lives easier. Let us take a look for the example at the smallest range which is our school. We cannot deny that technology is very useful for education. School is well equipped with technological tools such as computers, internet, telephone, and any other technological devices. The internet availability in school helps the students to obtain unlimited lessons or information in just one-click. 

Technology helps the students to communicate with more people even with those who live outside Indonesia. This will assist the student to make a networking which will be beneficial for their future careers. Technology increases the student engagement and motivation in learning process, teachers use technological devices such as in-focus screen in the classroom to make the learning process becomes less boring. As I have mentioned before, technology gives the student access to the most current information which available online. They can access or download e-books or journal in the website so the lesson will be more attractive and varied. BUT, there are some buts. Not all of the impacts caused by technology are positive, technology could be very dangerous if you cannot manage it. Moreover nowadays students are equipped with a mobile phone. Is there anyone of you who does not have any mobile phone? No, right? See every student has it. Mobile phone is very personal so sometimes it is quite hard for the parents to supervise the children. Instead of waiting for the adults to supervise you, I want to warn you because I am sure you are mature enough to see what is right or wrong for you. 

Dear my students,
The technological developments offer you many applications to download which are compatible with your mobile phone. Let us say, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Path, and so on and so forth, they are all available for you. However do you know that those kekinian or updated applications will ruin your life if you could not manage them well? The simplicity of getting everything served through one click is actually dangerous. Many malicious contents are spreading through internet such as porn, gamble, bullying, illegal transaction, and even terrorism. Those things are obviously do not appropriate with high school students like you. Without further guidance, students or underage kids can access porn sites, video or picture through YouTube. That will be a factor which leads the teenagers into free sex or teenager promiscuity. Twitter and Facebook are social media platforms to communicate with people around the globe but these social media can give negative impacts such as cyber bullying and even abduction. The students are mentally labile, they tend to express what they want to say in the Facebook profile or Tweet their opinions boldly. Students like you might think that you are free to express yourself in your social media profile without considering the side effect, your tweets might indirectly leads into cyber bullying or it probably less favorable for some people. Regarding to abduction, there are so many cases happened even here in Indonesia. The teenager meets a new acquaintance in Facebook then they agreed to meet each other somewhere, the worst case can be leads into rape, theft, and abduction. The last example is Instagram, Instagram is an application to share your daily life through pictures. Not all of you are coming from high class family, students like you see your friend’s post on Instagram and you feel envy about it. The worst case is theft, someone are stealing to buy luxurious item like what is shown on his friend’s Instagram picture. I hope that my students will use the technology wisely. Moreover I encourage you to use the technology to maximize your potential. That’s all from me, Thank you very much.